“I’ve have had frequent chiropractic visits along with acupuncture and other types of therapy to try to improve my condition and there was always mild improvements but nothing compared to the significant improvement I have had with Aaron. My body responded after the 1st session.”

Dr. Jason B. Diamond, MD, F.A.C.S.
Diamond Face Institute
Beverly Hills, CA

“Body by Aaron is an incredible trainer. He knows the body so well and there’s nothing better than ending my sessions with his stretches and bodywork. Huge, huge, huuuge, fan!”

Ashlee Margolis
Founder of The A List-A Entertainment, Fashion & Lifestyle Marketing Firm
Beverly Hills, CA

“I live on the east coast but after working with Aaron Porter in his LA studio, I was hooked. We “meet” 3 times a week by internet video. Body by Aaron is customized physical training at its best. I sleep better and have more energy during the day since I began. I’m 53 years old and the compliments I get on my physique now make me feel great!”

Dr. Laura Ellis MD
Founder of medAge and Age Management Medical Practice
Asheville, NC

“Aaron is amazing. I feel like I have a new body and so incredibly quickly!”

Dr. Ali M. Strocker, MD
Los Angeles, CA

“I am very fortunate to find Aaron with his amazing talent and knowledge. I’m a physician and worked with many patients although not in the field of physical medicine. His knowledge of muscle, fascia and ligaments is very deep.”

Dr. Nafisa Abdullah, MD
Los Angeles, CA

“Aaron’s skill rehabilitating my shoulder muscles to function well has been phenomenal. After just a few sessions, I can do push-ups without the pain in my shoulder that I had previously. He has a kind, attentive touch; I highly recommend his work.”

Dr. Trevor Petersen, DC Chiropractor
Los Angeles, CA

“I have been running with a mildly sore but highly annoying outer foot pain. In one short session, Aaron was able to correct the imbalance and restore balance to my foot. Next day I ran for the first time in weeks with no pain”

Dr. Richard Cimadoro, DC Chiropractor
Thousand Oaks, CA

“Aaron always provides a unique, customized massage that synthesizes Swedish, deep tissue, and Thai that feels like it’s just for my body and just what I need at every session. This service creates balance in my life, and because he is a constant learner, I am frequently surprised to feel something new each time.”

Dr. Brandon Doubeck
CEO/Evolution Alliance
Los Angeles, CA

“Aaron keeps my attention. He knows how to work with me, he knows when to push me to the next level, but also helped me understand why I was doing movements in a way no other teacher has …it’s about using your body to its fullest potential, he taught me that. Love Him!”

Emmy Nominated Performer/Broadway Actress
Los Angeles, CA

“Aaron introduced me to Pilates and I’ve never been stronger. His energy is infectious and his attention to detail has carried over into my weightlifting, allowing me to lift more, injury free.”

Christopher Gorham Actor/Director
Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve gotten great results with Body by Aaron, appreciate you Aaron.”

Stephen Root
Emmy Nominated Actor/Broadway Actor
Los Angeles, CA

“Aaron has the magic touch! Every week I look forward to our sessions. They far surpass any physical therapy I’ve experienced in the past.”

Scott Shrader
Scott Shrader Exterior Design
West Hollywood, CA

“With 3 kids 5 and under I have been doing In-Home Pilates with Body by Aaron to keep me strong enough to lift my infant and toned enough to fit into my pre-baby clothes. But most importantly, I get to spend the time I want with those I love most, rather than in the car trying to get to the studio or the gym for my workout. Plus, Aaron comes with the stretching which is so unbelievably relaxing and helpful for in between workouts or after particularly stressful days.”

Kathy Choi
Mother of Three/Co-Chair of Friends of The Robinson Gardens
Beverly Hills, CA

“Before I started working with Aaron I was a little stiff. In just a few weeks, I already felt the difference in my range of motion and in the power I was generating.”

Terrell Gausha
2012 Olympian/Professional Boxer
Encino, CA

“Working with Aaron has given me more mobility in my golf swing while adding strength and power.”

Mike Wolf
Professional Golfer
Santa Monica, CA

“I was fortunate enough to work with Aaron at the 2019 U.S. Senior Open. His stretches were the best I have every experienced for golf and frankly, any sport. I give Aaron Porter my highest recommendation and advise any athlete or non-athlete to seek him out and learn how to take care of your body.”

Carey Hodsden
PGA Professional Medalist/2019 U.S. Senior Open Qualifier
Virginia Beach, VA

“While playing at the U.S. Senior Open at Notre Dame, I worked with Aaron twice in the wellness center. The manual therapy he provided for both my lower back and side muscles allowed me to feel as good as I had in a very long time. He’s very professional, exceptionally knowledgeable, and comes highly recommended!”

Kevin VandenBerg
Owner, CEO/Apogee Investment Management
Austin, TX

“Working with Aaron has been life altering… truly to have someone find the source of a problem so fast and help my body to let go. He works with confidence, knowledge, and kindness. He is a true gift to the mind, body, and soul connection.”

Rebecca Alling
Emmy Award Winning Make-Up Artist
Venice, CA

“Aaron’s attention to detail and his capability to communicate, have made my Pilates sessions with him really effective.”

Terri Apanasewicz
Celebrity and Fashion Make-Up artist and Hairstylist
Los Angeles, CA

“Aaron is the best at intuitively knowing exactly what your body needs & has the broad skill set to then treat it. Whether P-DTR, barefoot massage or Fascial Stretch Therapy Aaron’s work has always helped me get out of pain & back into the movement & activities that I love.”

Jennifer Watts
Founder/CEO of Living Well Counseling Services Inc.
Calgary, Alberta CANADA

“I work at a computer most days and recently developed some serious neck pain as a result. Aaron quickly pinpointed my issues and is teaching me how to rebuild and maintain a healthy, pain-free posture. I feel so much better and am so grateful that he has saved me from more years of ineffective massages that provided only temporary relief. Thank you, Aaron!” 

Rebecca MacLaren
Los Angeles, CA

woman and Aaron laughing
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