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What you need now is Thai Yoga Massage

It is no secret that everyone’s world has been turned upside down since the beginning of the pandemic. The various lockdowns have forced us to adapt to major changes in our day-to-day lives. People who were accustomed to working in an office suddenly found themselves working from home on furniture that wasn’t designed for 8-10 hours of use a day. Because much of our errands could now be completed online through delivery and pick-up services, most of us didn’t get the benefit of these former daily tasks that required us to move our bodies. And of course, the gym and fitness studio closures also had a huge impact on our wellbeing. The dramatic shift in lack of movement and sudden forced adaptation to less-desirable sitting positions has had major repercussions for many Americans.

Thai Yoga Massage is a great tool to have in our wellness arsenal that combats the physical stagnancy affecting so many of us now. By supporting us in opening up our bodies, promoting a deep relaxing state, and encouraging us to move better, Thai Yoga Massage can be the answer you’ve been seeking for your pandemic-life slump.

Aaron stretching athlete

1. Opening Up the Body
Forward head posture, rounded shoulders, and tight hip flexors are common conditions for anyone spending the majority of their day in a chair at their desk. “The Desk Bod,” as I like to call it, is now a widespread phenomenon plaguing the health of so many working Americans. Living in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, I work with a variety of creative professionals who have grueling hours and some are on tight deadlines. My clients include screenwriters, editors, film composers, managers, make-up artists, and last but not least leading men and women. Although their skill set and daily tasks vastly differ from one another, they all experience issues with this harmful fixed posture. The forward-bending of the body and inward rotation of the shoulder girdle needs to be unraveled and undone.

Thai Yoga Massage has powerful and effective backbends to help open up the front of the body. It also contains circular arm movements to help improve the range of motion of those stiff “desk-bod” shoulders. Because Thai Yoga Massage orients our bodies to a more open and centered state, it can be incredibly physically transformative.


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2. Relaxing and Meditation
Our day-to-day lives are plagued with stress. And as most of us know, too much stress can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and disrupted sleep. More and more people are seeking ways in which they can ground themselves and improve their quality of life. Thai Yoga Massage is a highly restorative practice that promotes mental clarity and feelings of harmony. It has the power to put clients into a rejuvenating meditative state, allowing you to enjoy some much-deserved relaxation. It seems as though people need tools to relax now more than ever, and I delight in being the conduit that gives my clients the energetic release they need to let go of their stress and decompress.

In my work with Thai Yoga Massage, I have noticed that every client takes away something a little different and unique to them. Sometimes my clients receive that energy boost they’ve needed, while others are able to be lifted out of themselves providing some much desired space from their stressors. Other times, they may need to slow down and quiet their minds. Regardless of your specific needs, Thai Yoga Massage is incredibly effective at addressing them. It is important to me that my clients feel the best they can in their bodies and leave the session with a calm and clear mind.

Aaron stretching athlete

3. Encouraging Movement
Thai Yoga Massage encourages full body movement that works to improve range of motion and mobility. The practice takes clients through several planes of movement that can be easily transferred to any workout. For example, in order to develop better spinal mobility, a client is put through a series of forward bends, backward bends, spinal twists, side bends, or a combination of these movements.

The beauty of this practice is how it can lead to better, fuller movement patterns. With improved pliability and range of motion, you can easily transfer these gains to any movement practice. I want my clients to feel full of potential and renewed after a session, so they can conquer any form of exercise they set their minds to. Thai Yoga Massage is a great compliment to any regimen.

Is Thai Yoga Massage Right for You?
With any physical movement practice, it is important to consult a doctor if you have questions about how it may impact your body or any pre-existing conditions you may have. That aside, Thai Yoga Massage will work for just about anyone who is looking to release their “Desk Bods” and step into their brighter, more physically powerful selves. Coupled with the profound release of stress, Thai Yoga Massage is sure to inspire and ground anyone who needs it. I encourage you to give it a try. Once you’ve experienced the benefits of this practice for yourself, you are sure to never go back.


Aaron Porter, NSCA-CPT®, CMT
Aaron is a LA based personal trainer and manual therapist whose clients include celebrities, Olympic and professional athletes, and industry professionals. Aaron is also a mobility expert who has worked with artists from Cirque du Soleil to numerous players of the NFL. Aaron is on both the U.S. Open and U.S. Senior Open Golf Championship wellness team.

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